Solution Architecture Services

Solution Architecture Services

Technical Consulting Services and Expertise for Takfanet Communications Projects



Planning the details of an expansive Takfanet communications launch can be daunting, especially if your in-house resources are overloaded or lack knowledge. Cut the stress—Takfanet has the technical consulting services and expertise to guide you through the choices, the best options, and the roll out planning. You’ll learn important facts about your communications environment and gain an understanding of practical solutions that can help address your business challenges.

Your end result can be a complete evaluation of your current communications, solution recommendations, defined functionality, and the crucial design blueprint and plan – delivered by the expert leadership of Takfanet Advance Solution Architects.


Start with a solution audit to define a benchmark. Suitable for a high-level executive review, the benchmark report assesses and validates the present state of your communications. You can see how a new solution will fit into and relate to your current capabilities. You will also be able to see the systems and topology that exist in your current environment, which ones are working close to capacity limits, which ones may not be configured correctly, and which ones may not be supported moving forward.

Solution Recommendation

Easily understand the entire project through a high-level technical plan and solution recommendation. See the options, identify the necessary budget and resources for the envisioned end-state communications solution, and ultimately choose the optimal solution—one that aligns with your business strategies, timeline, and budget considerations.

Functional Analysis

See the details of how the recommended solution will function and how it can be implemented with a minimum of roadblocks and delays. Your contact center, which is strongly coupled with and dependent on the communications infrastructure, can particularly benefit from this analysis. If you are migrating from old to new technology you will likely also find the functional analysis very helpful.

The Final Design, Ready to Implement

Receive completed designs for the end-state solution, including details for each migration phase. You are now ready to implement, having identified technical risks and the strategies to avoid project delays and cost overruns. Even have the plan to support complex regional or global implementations that are rolled out in multiple phases over several years.