Surveillance & Security




Government centers, private research campuses, schools, banks, retail stores and correctional facilities all benefit from the top performance of security and surveillance systems. TAKFANET Group provides complete life safety and property solutions including security systems integration for high-security buildings. Our security work includes design and installation of simple cameras to intrusion detection systems with touchscreen controls that open, close and monitor doors in detention facilities.




Recording, viewing and archiving are all functions built into our systems. Our security and surveillance systems offerings include:

·         Security systems: Motion detectors, glassbreak sensors, vibration detection sensors, remote monitoring and on-site supervision.

·         Surveillance systems: Closed-Circuit TV (CCTV), camera systems and audio monitoring systems that use intercom speakers as sensing devices for audio surveillance.

·         Integrated security systems: Combine comprehensive intercom, paging and access control systems such as for security and correctional facilities.