About Us

At Takfanet, we make technology easier by understanding our customers business challenges, solving problems and envisioning what’s possible .The Rapidly changing pace of technology means that business must take a proactive approach to managing their current and future technology needs. We are committed to contributing to the success of our customers and helping them build their business. Working tirelessly and listening closely to customers, Takfanet  provides thoughtful solutions that solve problems. we blend smart business strategy with technology—enabling you to see beyond your it.

We are focused on delivering the industry's most reliable service and our team is excellent at designing & delivering reliable projects. We make an unusual effort to identify and recruit very best person for every job. The dedication of our people to the company and the intense effort they give to their jobs are greater than one finds in most other organizations. Our engineers hold internationally recognized certifications and we are proud of their super communication skills. We have also career opportunities for talented, energized professionals who are ready to join the Takfanet  tradition of excellence and become part of our team. 

Apart from our quality of services, high-tech products and solutions, our key differentiator is our commitment to build a lasting relationship with our customers and partners. Based on the trust and mutual respect for each individual's professionalism, and with the prospective vision to increase our grade and position in the market continiusly, TAKFANET Group’s staffs are towards achieving excellence in the distribution of IT Infrastructure and IT marketing quota too. TAKFANET Group’s commitment and responsibilities as a active corporate are grounded in our company mission and values.

One of the other advantages of our business is a proper and relatively wide location area in heartland of the Isfahan city that help us to be seen.

Too many of our customers are spreading all over the Isfahan province and for quick and high quality services we need a clever system for presence services or goods and assets delivery.we strive that setup a logistics system that meets all the mentions properties and it now helps us in handling the complexity of our business at the pace and scope of today's dynamic business competition. It directly affects speed of the order-fulfillment process in terms of increased throughput capacity and greater customer satisfaction. This in turn leads to higher levels of repeat business and larger order sizes. Locality and our swift logistic mechanism, helps us to seize a competitive advantage in a market.


We strongly believe that the synergy issue So we are receptively looking forward  to your new ideas or innovative business plans in order to growing in Iran IT marketing and proceeding our abilities together.