Wireless Implementations




A typical point-to-point microwave link is installed by two people in 2-3 days, with the third day for final test, recording install stats, and giving you an overview of link management features. Here's the typical process from the time that we take your Purchase Order:




• We meet building managers and get their approval for the proposed mount type and roof location.

• Verify and measure cable paths from antenna locations to your switch rooms.

• Follow up with any plans, drawings and specs, as may be required by building (or tower) owners.









• The antenna mount is drilled into a wall or assembled, depending on the type of mount.

• Antennas are bolted to the pipe mounts (according to their proper orientation and polarity).

• Outdoor Units (ODU) are attached to the antennas (if they're not already integrated).

• Cat5e outdoor rated, shielded cable is run from the antenna to the indoor equipment rack.

• PoEs or radio Indoor Units ("IDUs") are installed and cabling is connectorized.

• In-line cat5 surge suppressors are installed, qty. 2, at each end of the wireless link.

• Antennas are aligned and locked down.

• Outdoor connections are weatherproofed.

• Frequencies, IP addresses and radio configs are programmed, saved and backed up.

• Cutover data is recorded for future reference in support of the installation.



• The link is connected to a network switch at each end and customer verifies continuity.

• A walk through is conducted with an overview of system operation and network management features.

• Link stats and ID (e.g., serial numbers and firmware rev.) are provided to the customer and updated on our   password protected customer web portal.