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What Is Video Conferencing?

Today's world is changing dramatically, and with the advent of the Internet and new means of communication, distances no longer make sense. Today, many of the world's largest companies choose their workforce from around the globe and communicate with them using advanced communication tools such as video conferencing. Video conferencing is a virtual meeting where two or more people with different locations can talk to each other face to face. Video conferencing goes beyond audio and video transmission, and its platform allows you to send files and perform operations on subscribers' operating systems.

Benefits of video conferencing

Reducing in and out city trips

With the video conferencing system, you can reduce  in and out city trips and hold meetings with this system.

Ability to exchange and display a variety of files

The video conferencing system makes it easy to view and share a variety of files.

Increasing productivity

With video conferencing, it is possible to train company employees remotely, which can increase productivity.

Saving time and money

The video conferencing system, with its features, reduces costs and saves time because it is possible to hold meetings at any time and place.

Uses of video conferencing

Medical centres and hospitals


Large companies with multiple branches


Judicial authorities and interrogation

Crisis Management

Video conferencing system equipment

High-bandwidth video conference network

High-resolution webcam

Computer Processor

Video conference system hardware equipment

Screen size and resolution

Video conference system type


Video conferencing software

Video conference software for mobile phones

Video conference software for desktop

Types of video conferencing

Endpoint Video conference

Desktop video conferencing system

The desktop video conferencing system can communicate video and audio using software and browsers. If the device does not have a camera, an external camera can be added.

Video conference room system

The video conference system of the room is selected based on the characteristics of the meeting room. This system can support computers, laptops, mobile phones, microphones, and more.

Cisco Telepresence video conference

One of the most different video conferencing systems is the Telepresence video conferencing, which can be used to prepare an utterly similar environment, such as a meeting room.

Video apps for mobile phones

Mobile video apps allow users to make high-quality video calls at any time and place.

Backend video conference

Video conference management system

The video conferencing management system allows you to share a lot of data, control soft versions. To use this system, you must pay attention to its limitations and security.

Web conference system using MCU software

The web conference system can be used with "MCU" software in environments that meet all standards and function similarly to MCU hardware.

Video conference system with virtual rooms

The virtual conference system of virtual or cloud rooms allows you to connect to all meeting rooms at any time with very high quality.